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How Can An Attorney Coach Help A Sole Practitioner Or Small Firm Lawyer?

How Can An Attorney Coach Help Lawyers In Small Or Solo Firms?

There are many ways an attorney coach can help lawyers in small and solo firms. Here are a few reasons on why you might need a coach :

Identifying Problems And Solutions

Like any business, small business owners and sole practitioners have systems and process problems.  The difference is that when you are on your own or have very limited “human resources”, identifying and solving these problems is difficult and often “permanently” delayed. It helps to have an experienced attorney coach assist you in identifying the problems and their solutions.  In my coaching sessions, I assist attorneys formulate specific actions that directly and quickly solve problems.   It’s difficult to do this on your own, and its especially difficult to hold yourself accountable to do things outside your comfort zone, which is usually required to solve ongoing problems.

Recognize Obstacles And How To Overcome Them

You may run into internal obstacles day after day, week after week, year after year and never understand why.  You notice you don’t get certain things done, but you don’t really know why.  Internal obstacles that are holding you back are difficult to identify.  The way you see yourself in your profession may be guiding you in a direction you don’t want.   A lawyer coach can help you identify your beliefs and how they affect your actions.

Establish The Important Things To Get Them Done

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have; you have too many tasks but too little time.  You’re probably not sure whether you’re getting to the most important things that will make a difference in your level of success.  Coaching sessions can help you prioritize tasks based on your goals, and importantly, also help you improve your ability to focus on one task at a time until it is finished.  Usually it isn’t the number of tasks that is the problem, but rather the discomfort of starting what you identify as a difficult task and working on it until it is finished before moving on to the next one.  Coaching can help with this.

Become Aware of Bad Routines And Habits That Are Holding You Back

The truth is that everyone has the same amount of time, and if you aren’t getting done what you think you should, it’s probably due to simple routines you have adopted that are holding you back.  Yes, you might be able to figure out the solutions yourself, but you haven’t been able to so far, so what do you think will change?  Coaching can help you identify your bad routines and habits and hold you accountable to implement new ones while measuring success.

It’s hard to analyze your own habits, routines, self-imposed limitations and performance. You’re probably no better at it than the world’s greatest athletes and businesspeople who, of course, have coaches or advisory boards or both.  Success is difficult to achieve.  It takes work, diligence and good practice.  My goal is to help you reach your potential and build the practice and life you want.

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