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"There are processes and habits that will allow you to transform your business and yourself. What do you have to lose by learning them and using them?"

Coaching for Lawyers

  • Burn Out
  • Overwhelm
  • Not Enough Time for Personal and Family commitments
  • Heavy Workload
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Feeling they are never prepared enough
  • No Management Training resulting in bad business management practices
  • Bad Employee Management Practices
  • Inability to Train Good Employees
  • Having to do everything Oneself
  • Too many tasks and details
  • Fear of Failure or Fear of not being good enough
  • Lack of Discipline to do mundane but important tasks
  • Disorganization
  • Feeling Stuck in profession

Lawyers can be overburdened with the many facets of running a business with the added burden of being an expert in the constantly changing areas of law they practice. Being a good lawyer is life-consuming. If you run your own firm or are part of a small practice, you run a business as well as a law office.

As a lawyer with 25 years of experience, I can tell you with certainty that setting up effective systems and procedures is critical to your success and happiness in life. As a lawyer coach, I know that only the best attorneys take the time to develop the systems and train employees and partners during proper implementation. Often there is paralysis by over-analysis. Some firms go many years with inefficient systems and practices because change seems so difficult. Burnout is common among lawyers as is depression and work dissatisfaction.

Attorney coaching involves identifying your vision of where you see yourself and your firm in the ideal and assessing where you are now. We then work to find the actions you need to take to get you to your ideal. We also work on your mindset so that you get more joy out of what you are doing.

As a lawyer coach, I will help you identify problems you face in your practice and find solutions. We will set benchmarks and measure progress toward reaching your goals. I will help you form a vision for your business and an achievable course to get there. You will be held accountable to reach achievable, incremental goals while we work on your mindset and other blocks that are holding you back. You will become great at what you do and experience more joy in life.

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