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The Weekend Retreat For Small Firm Lawyers – Solve The Big Problems

The Weekend Retreat for Small Firm Lawyers – Solve The Procedure and Process Problems

During my legal career there were times when I wished a weekend retreat existed where I could go and work with an attorney coach or consultant on the things in my law practice that I was struggling with.  Usually they involved business and operations matters such as improving systems and procedures or revising, purging and systematizing forms. Sometimes the problem had to do with a specific case that I needed to really think through, or a strategy for marketing I needed to brainstorm and act on.  Getting away for a weekend to intensively solve problems with the help of an attorney coach can transform our practice.

Attorneys, especially solo and small firm attorneys, run into many challenges.  Overcoming some of these challenges can seem beyond our capabilities or time constraints, so they can linger for years.  We delay doing them, but think about them regularly, and of course there is plenty of other important work to keep us busy.  However, to really improve our law businesses and lives, we need to work on the things that can lead to greater success. Here are a few projects you may not be getting to that could transform your practice:

  • Revamping and fixing workflows.
  • Properly organizing and updating standard forms and letters.
  • Systematizing and automating bookkeeping and recordkeeping.
  • Systematizing and standardizing pleadings, discovery forms and procedures.
  • Considering and deciding on defined case criteria so that your practice can be standardized.
  • Considering and deciding on potential new areas of law to learn and practice.
  • Marketing and networking game plan.
  • Making a procedures manual that will be used.
  • Making an exit strategy.
  • Learning to control your mindset and focus.

Working on Real Projects While Learning Self-Coaching Tools     

These weekend intensive coaching and work sessions are designed to help clients solve important problems that allow for long term success.  Clients make changes that improve the quality of their practices and lives. It’s not just the usual coaching toward better mindset and mindfulness, but rather actually working toward real solutions for the most challenging problems using solutions focused coaching methods.

The First Step – Identify Long Standing Projects You Just Aren’t Getting To

With some thought, it’s easy to identify projects that aren’t getting done that can make a big difference in your practice.  These should be real problems that weigh you down and occupy a part of your subconscious.

Step Two – A Free Substantive Phone Call to Discuss The Problems And See If We Are A Good Fit

Rather than wondering whether I can help you, give me a call for a free coaching session.  These conversations can last more than an hour. We talk about your obstacles and problems.  The older and bigger the problem, the better. The more embarrassed you are to talk about it, the more fun it will be to finally get it taken care of.  The first step is the phone call and some honest confidential conversation. No judgment, I’ve seen and heard it all.

Why Working Intensively With A Coach Makes The Time Much More Productive?  As Humans We Avoid What Is Difficult and Painful

We are naturally more inclined to spend time doing things we are good at.  Therefore, we keep doing what we know how to do and avoid doing things we don’t know how to do.  We also don’t like to do things that bore us. We put those things off for things that are more fun.  And, of course, we are afraid of taking on tasks and projects that may cause us emotional pain or embarrassment.  Usually this involves fixing mistakes, redoing big projects, etc.

How many things have you buried; how many projects have you put off because they are unpleasant; how many procedures have you given up on; how many forms have you avoided perfecting, and how many skills have you let slide?  How much of your business or practice have you neglected out of necessity to keep up with all the other must do projects and tasks? If you got a large part of those things done, and made a plan for taking care of the rest, would that be helpful? If done right, it would save you huge amounts of time and make you a lot of money.

As always, please call me if you want to talk about your practice and how attorney coaching and consulting can help you become more successful. Also, learn more about Vertex Coaching and how I can help your business be more profitable and fulfilled.