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"There are processes and habits that will allow you to transform your business and yourself. What do you have to lose by learning them and using them?"

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching can help you reach your potential in a certain area or areas of your life. We start with determining where you are now in the area you want to improve. We then discuss in-depth where you want to end up and why; what is your vision for where you will be when you are at your best? We then explore what support you need to move you incrementally toward achieving your goal or vision. What are the steps you need to take along the way to move you forward?

Clear Those Mental Blocks

Usually there are mental blocks or gaps that hold you back. Lack of willpower, lack of discipline, and lack of confidence are the most common. Other times, you may not be as committed to the vision as you initially thought. Maybe it was someone else’s vision or a vision you thought you had to achieve to satisfy your family or peers. Sometimes the vision needs to be adjusted to make sure it’s your own.

Change Your Behavior

To change deep-rooted behaviors is difficult, even when you really want to change. One of the hardest things for most people to master is the inevitability of repeated and frustrating failure when pursuing a big goal worth pursuing. Part of our subconscious wants to fail so that we can tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. Not being good enough gives us an excuse to stop trying. Trying takes effort, and when we aren’t in a good frame of mind, we don’t want to try and we don’t want to make progress. When we are in a rut, staying there can seem more comfortable than getting out. Performance coaching helps to discover these blocks and bad habits, and helps you find the resources and mindset to overcome them.

Have a Vision

In performance coaching, a clients first determines a clear vision of what they are committed to accomplishing in a certain period of time. They then formulate a plan to get there with defined steps, tasks, timelines, and intermediate goals. They then take action, implement good habits and become accountable to working their plan toward achieving their vision.

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